Graduation ceremony "Last Bell" for graduates was held at the Turkmen state Architecture and Construction Institute on the occasion of the end of 2020/2021 academic year

Upbringing is the most valuable heritage of mankind created by mankind, but the core of upbringing is science - education. Events dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the sacred Independence of our country and on the occasion of the 140th anniversary of the founding of Ashgabat with glorious events, the ceremony dedicated to the "Last Bell" in the Year of Turkmenistan is Motherland of Peace and Trust has been widely celebrated.

The teachers’ staff, graduates of the institute , their parents and honorary guests were attended to this ceremony. The Graduation ceremony of Turkmen state Architecture and Construction Institute which began with the sounding of the national anthem of the state in the epoch of Prosperous and powerful state under the wise leadership of our esteemed President to improve the national educational system and the qualified specialists which capable of innovative technologies, to become healthy, inspired generations to the according of his fatherhood cares the students who has an active participation in award-winning state-level cultural and public events, Olympiads and online competitions among higher education institutions, scientific and creative work, in-depth and comprehensive study of the courses, graduates of the Institute were awarded the letters gratitude and presents.

Beautiful music was performed by the group "Oguzlar" of Turkmen State Architecture and Construction Institute for the graduates and guests of the ceremony, who will make a worthy contribution to the prosperous Motherland.

As our esteemed President said, "Our dear youth must take decisive steps forward in the new way of life, master modern science and knowledge, and further enhance the prestige and glory of our sovereign state in the world." Young people who are loyal to our country, our people and our national principles have successfully won prizes in international Olympiads and competitions. The formation of the brightest talented, scientifically-educated, patriotic, bright-faced, confident young men and women, the happy generation of our stable state, which embodies the most beautiful and beautiful moral qualities of mankind, testifies to the growth of the educational potential of our country.

Graduates and their parents and honorary guests expressed their thankfulness during the ceremony. Fatherhood is carefully preserved in the speeches in the formation of young people loyal to our dear Motherland, our happy people, our national traditions, keen on improving their education, knowledge of their profession, willing to work hard, further development of honor and glory. Motherland and expressed gratitude to our Hero Arkadag, who does a great job for the benefit of our people in our prosperous country.

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