Ceremony of donating products embroidered by the mother of the President of Turkmenistan were transferred to the State Museum

The State Museum of the State Cultural Center hosted a ceremony of donating to the museum an original product of national decorative and applied art - a kurte (wedding cape) embroidered by the mother of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov Ogulabat eje, which were watched with great excitement by female teachers and student girls of Turkmen state Architecture and Construction institute on Altyn Asyr TV show of Turkmenistan. In the moments taken from this solemn event, Ogulabat eje summed up the exemplary character of all of us, especially our young bridesmaids, and her unique qualities of Turkmen woman's modesty, contentment, wealthy lofty humanity, loyalty to the family hearth, and masterful art.

Ceremony of transferring of magnificent handicraft to museum, which took place half a century ago, coincides with the Constitution Day of Turkmenistan and the National Flag Day of Turkmenistan, clearly proves that it is inextricably linked with the national heritage of the life of our people.


Ogulabat eje is a role model for all of us, especially to our young bridesmaids. At the institute, the participants of the celebration were told in detail about the best qualities inherent in a Turkmen woman and brought together: modesty, calmness, humanity, loyalty to the family hearth.

Embroidered by Ogulabat Eje in 1971, the jacket is adorned with patterns such as “Gyýak”, “Okgöz”, “Içýan agyz”, “Tazy guýruk” and its edges are framed by camel wool alaja. In addition, socks were donated to the museum, which were knitted by Ogulabat eje and decorated with original patterns.

In the preparation of many kinds of handicrafts performed by Turkmen women, including in the treatment of kurte (wedding cape), in their unique patterns, the beauty of life, the well-being of the Earth, the directions of eternal life, hard work, friendship and brotherhood, solidarity, the beginning of work meaningful concepts are described. The study of traditions and the adherence to the high moral principles of society are of great importance in educating the younger generation on the basis of patriotism and the moral values that have been formed over the centuries. Since the ancient time Turkmen people have attached great importance to the strengthening of generation’s physical health, their spiritual and moral wealth, and their hard work and respect for adults. Over the centuries, experience of artistic embroidery was passed from generation to generation. Thus, the kurte and socks worn by Ogulabat Eje of our esteemed President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, reflect the centuries-old good traditions of our people, the national principles created by the Turkmen people, especially it will become a lasting legacy for our future generations, embodying the virtues, hard work, and skills of our bridesmaids.

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