Turkmen State Architecture and Construction Institute and International University of Oil and Gas named after Yagshygeldi Kakayev held a joint ceremony entitled "Turkmen Horse, Turkmen Alabay - our National Pride"

The decree of the President of Turkmenistan on the establishment of a holiday dedicated to the Turkmen Alabay and celebrating it annually on the last Sunday of April, together with the National Day of the Turkmen Horse, became a symbol of our people's respect for the Turkmen Alabay, our national pride.

Recently, a ceremony was held with the participation of the students of Turkmen State Architecture and Construction Institute and International University of Oil and Gas named after Yagshygeldi Kakayev, entitled "Turkmen Horse, Turkmen Alabay - our National Pride."

During the organized festive event, wonderful songs, dances, stage performances and folklore performances were performed, glorifying the foresight policy pursued by the President, the loyalty of our Motherland, the Turkmen horse, the Turkmen Alabay.

As our hero Arkadag noted in his work "Turkmen Alabay", the perfect Turkmen Alabay is a national value of the people and therefore in the era of happiness and prosperity, the study of the role and past of the Alabay in the life of our millennial historical nations, as well as the popularization of the experience of national dog breeding is carried out on a large scale.

Our esteemed President pays special attention to our national values. Their extensive study is a constant concern for the spread of their reputation around the world. The Turkmen Akhal-Teke horse and the Alabay are also highly respected. His constant concern for their deep study and the spread of authority around the world. The Alabay dog, as well as the Turkmen Akhal-Teke horse, is highly respected. The inclusion of the new holiday in the festive calendar of the Turkmen people aroused a sense of pride in our compatriots.

The establishment of the holiday "Turkmen Alabay" is a vivid evidence of the people's special respect for the national values of our people. Turkmen horses, which our ancestors bred with great zeal, passion and talent, gained world fame and spread the name, beauty and dignity of the Akhal-Teke horse to the whole world.

Our year "Turkmenistan - Homeland of Peace and Trust" is full of great holidays and celebrations. This year we celebrate the 30th anniversary of our sacred Independence, the Day of the Turkmen Horse and the Turkmen Alabay, as well as the 140th anniversary of the founding of the beautiful city of Ashgabat. This gives each of us great pride, filling our hearts with joy. We wish to our Honorable President strong health, long life and prosperity for his tremendous efforts to protect and develop our national heritage and spread the culture of our people throughout the world.

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