The best mentor of students

The holder of the honorary professional title “Teacher of the Year”, for which representatives of higher educational institutions of our country compete annually in worthy competition, was Maksatguly Bendov, senior lecturer at the Department of Computer Technologies and Systems of the Turkmen State Architecture and Construction Institute

He became the protagonist of the ceremony organized at his institute in honor of summing up the results of the "Teacher of the Year" contest, which is traditionally held by the Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan.

High pedagogical title is annually disputed by the best mentors of students. And this year, it was deservedly awarded to the representative of the Turkmen State Architecture and Construction Institute (TSACI) Maksatguly Bendov, who rightfully became the leader of the competitive relay race among the best of the best teachers of higher educational institutions.

The main competition took place within two days directly on the territory of the TSACI itself, and how can one not recall the statement that “in native house and walls help”. After all, the victory went to the representative of this institute, by the way, and his graduate.

But about the “native walls” - this is so, by the way, as the great professional achievements of Maksatguly Bendov are obvious. Among the pedagogical achievements is a great experience of scientific mentoring, thanks to which many of his students achieve high results from year to year, participating in subject Olympiads of both national and international scale. In the track record of the holder of the title "Teacher of the Year" - a solid selection of relevant scientific publications, modern textbooks and teaching aids. The personal contribution of a successful finalist of the competition to the development of the domestic education system, including against the backdrop of the implementation of tasks in the field of its digital provision, also deserves special respect.

During the practical nomination of the competition itself, Maksatguly Bendov fully demonstrated his high professional competencies by conducting a demonstration lesson using the latest training technologies. He masterfully managed digital techniques in the presentation of thematic material.

As part of the competition program, the applicant for the title of winner was the best at the testing stage, based on the primary tasks of modernizing the domestic education system, which is under the special attention of the respected President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

Among the important criteria that also helped the representative of TSACI to rise to the top of the competitive pedestal are the active participation of Maksatguly Bendov not only in the public life of his native university, but also in our country as a whole. An example for students, and the entire faculty of TSACI, is its commitment to a healthy lifestyle and active sports.

Nick Victorov

Photo by Sagit Batalov

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