On the occasion of the Day of Workers of Culture and Art and the Day of Poetry of Makhtumkuli Pyragy organized by the Turkmen State Architecture and Construction Institute was held the festive event "World-famous heritage – have an art, have the rich culture of the Motherland of Arkadag"

The President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov is making great efforts to promote the development of Turkmen culture and art, to promote and preserve our national spiritual heritage in the world. Holding of the Annual Culture Week in June is also a clear confirmation of it. In our country, various celebrations are held on the occasion of the Day of Poetry of Makhtumkuli Pyragy, the Day of Workers of Culture and Art. The festival was held with the participation of professors and students of the Turkmen State Architecture. The festive event, which took place in the Arkadag Park is one of the most beautiful corners of the capital, was organized by professors and students. Music songs, as well as wonderful dance numbers were performed by the “Oguzlar” musical group of the Turkmen State Architecture and Construction Institute, designed to convey to students the Turkmen culture and art, the creation of Makhtumguly Pyragy.

In the book “Culture is the heart of the people” our esteemed President noted, that “Our national principles and traditions, based on the life experience of our ancestors for millennia, are an indispensable example of ensuring harmony between times and generations, doing a great job of spreading our art, craftsmanship, the grace of the arts, national heritage and values around the world’. The great Turkmen poet and thinker Makhtumkuli Pyragy made a great contribution to the development of the spiritual culture and music of the Turkmen people. The poems of our folk poet turned into epics, became songs. Makhtymguly Pyragy is a poet not only of his time, but of all times and generations. Thanks to the fatherly care of our esteemed President, in our country, the fame of the great poet is spread all over the world.


During the ceremony, the teachers and the students in their speeches expressed their pride in the work of Makhtumkuli Pyragy, as well as poems praising the beauty of our girls and women. Applause expressed gratitude to Hero Arkadag, who made unprecedented efforts to form the spirit of youth, faith in our education, in getting profession, to work hard, to develop for the heritage of Turkmen culture and art. They applaud and wished success to our esteemed President.

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