In 1963, the Turkmen Polytechnic Institute was created and a library was formed in its composition.

In 2012, the Turkmen Polytechnic Institute was closed and on the basis of which the Turkmen State Architecture and Construction Institute (TSACI) was created and the scientific and technical library (STL) was opened.

STL meets the scientific, cultural and educational needs of readers. The library serves about 4 000 readers each year, and the number of books ordered by readers is about 250 000 copies annually. The library's book stock is about 400 000 in turkmen, english and russian. BasBina

The Institute is constantly replenishing its library fund with new published books, teaching aids and periodicals in the areas of specialist training.

An electronic library has been created on the basis of the educational portal of the institute, accessible to all readers.

Books and works of our esteemed President of Turkmenistan are in a prominent place in the library, and copies of their electronic media are also in the electronic library and can be used by readers.

Published books and teaching aids of the institute’s teachers in digital format are available in the electronic library.

Our students also have access to a modern electronic library created at the institute on the initiative of our esteemed President. The institute has an automatic robot scanner for preparing electronic copies of books.

Readers also have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with publications in the field of science and education, as well as with publications, periodicals of enterprises of the sectoral administration of the Construction and Industrial Complex of Turkmenistan.

STL has file cabinets that provide the contents of card catalogs and funds. An electronic catalog of books and articles in the field of construction, architecture and other fields is supported.

STL is developing in 2 of the following directions:

  • - computerization of library technologies;
  • - organization of libraries and information services using their own and external databases.

The library is equipped with internet connection. This allows professors and students to get acquainted with the achievements of world science.

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