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The Turkmen State Architecture and Construction Institute (TSACI) which was established in accordance with the Decree of the President of Turkmenistan № РР-6680 on May 25, 2012 «On establishment of the Turkmen State Architecture and Construction Institute» is one of the leading higher educational and scientific centers of engineering. BasBina Main task of the institute is preparation of highly skilled experts on the basis of world experience and knowledge of the developed countries and providing with engineering specialists of national economy, such as Construction, Industry, Energy branches and the enterprises of Chemical industry.

Turkmen State Architecture and Construction Institute has 25 departments in 7 faculties and students receive modern education and upbringing in 9 directions of training specialists and 29 specialties.

More than 350 professors work at the Institute, 49 of them have scientific degrees, 6 doctors of science, 43 candidates of science, and about 3000 students receive education.

With the purpose of integration of modern education of training and attraction of the students scientific - research work, the institute supports close contacts to industrial establishments of building, industrial, energy branches, the enterprises of the chemical industry, the Technological center, scientific research institutes of Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan. Educational activity at institute is carried out by means of use of progressive world experience and innovative methods of training.

In accordance with the important tasks defined in the state and national programs adopted by the National Leader, professors and teachers of the Institute are adequately provided with national and foreign textbooks and teaching manuals, and they accord with world standards of new innovative technologies, educational and technical equipment, the latest scientific achievements in the educational process including interactive multimedia, computer technology and the digital education system. For preparation of high-level specialists all the necessary conditions are created and the material base of institute regularly is updated and improves.

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