The ceremony of the Day of the Turkmen Carpet celebrated at the Turkmen state of Architecture and Construction institute

One of the most ancient people is Turkmen people who made one of the major valuable contributions to the world culture, including our trimmed jewelry, heavenly horses, unique copies of our literary heritage, our national costumes. One of the best values is a Turkmen carpet created by the talent and love of Turkmen women. The increase in the value of our carpets, reminiscent of a beautiful steppe with red flowers, during the epoch of Might and Happiness of our state, thanks to the efforts of our esteemed President, brings to our hearts the inexhaustible pleasure of his ascent to the world prestige.

Turkmen carpet, which for centuries has been the banner of the spiritual peace of our people, is held in high esteem today, when our national values are flourishing. This includes the image of carpet patterns on our national flag and state emblem, the celebration of the Day of the Turkmen Carpet, the holding of international scientific conferences on this day, awarding the carpet weavers on the state level, as well as the books, “Heavenly beauty, “Vivid Legend” of our Hero Arkadag, his gift to our people is a fine example of these. Only the spring wool of the yellow ship, which is strong, flexible and clean used as a raw material for Turkmen carpets.


The unique secrets of sampling of wool selection, yarn making and dyeing are based on our parents’ centuries of experience. In the book “Vivid Legend” written by our esteemed President is noted: “But wool production is also complex, and it is based not only on scientific works or manuals but also on thousands of years of experience and is the result of curious research of many generations of Turkmen. The words of the esteemed President clearly show that the consciousness and intelligence of our women were at a high level.

The craft of the ancient carpet that excites your heart has not yet lost its glory. Our national carpets are not only beautiful, but also reflect the dreams and beautiful hearts of our brides. A solemn ceremony "Our national pride is the Turkmen carpet" was held at the Turkmen state Architecture and Construction Institute. The gray-haired mothers who decorated our weddings took part in the festive events and told our students about the traditions, crafts and subtleties of art of our mothers. During the ceremony, the “Oguzlar” band of the institute shared spiritual pleasure with their nice songs and music praising the beauty of our Turkmen carpets and bride.

The carpet, created by the miracle of female hands, which admired the world for its antiquity and elegance is an art that made the Turkmen people well-known to the whole world. May the fame of our carpets which became blameless art prosper all the time.

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