Scientific conference was held at the Turkmen State Architecture and Construction Institute on the occasion of the Day of Science on June 7, 2021, "The scientific studies of our esteemed President are the advanced force of our society"

In the prosperous epoch of powerful state, the wise statements of our esteemed President "Our projects, programs, and all reformations aimed at serving the interests of our people and all mankind in the age of high-speed scientific and technological development in which we live are based on science."The teacher’s staff and students of the institute took an active part in the scientific conference "The science studies of our esteemed President are the advanced force of our society".

During the conference, the professors, teachers and students of the institute in their speeches encouraged talented young people of our Homeland to promote more significant and relevant activities in science, education and in new technologies, to train skillful students in mastering innovative technologies and motivate them in scientific works.

During the conference the participants wished good health, longevity and success to our Hero Arkadag for a great work of the developing and modernizing of the science and education system.

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