Digital Educational Portal

At the enlarged meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan on September 15, 2017, during the prosperous period of our sovereign state, in order to improve the work of educational institutions, provide high-quality electronic information at all levels of education, widespread use of digital resources and improve the quality of its educational content in according to world standards, the Honorable President signed the Resolution. By this Resolution approved the "Concept of Development of the Digital Education System in Turkmenistan" and the plan for its implementation.

In this connection for organization the work of the national education system at the modern level, the introduction of innovative technologies in it, the improvement of the quality of education provided by the youth, taking into account the national peculiarities in this area, focusing on the world experience, the transition to the digital use of the electronic education system , to ensure the transition to improving the teaching methodology and curriculum, large-scale work is underway on reform educational programs.

E-learning is an effective communication system that encourages young students to engage in self-study, to think creatively, to study remotely, and to help them develop the skills of using, learning and storing digital information.

In accordance with the Action Plan for the Implementation of the "Concept of Development of the Digital Educational System in Turkmenistan", specialists, professors and teachers, as well as student youth, the Turkmen State Architecture and Construction Institute was developed domestic network and developed network software of and on the base of it the digital educational portal has been developed. BasBina

The Digital Education Portal includes sections such as e-mail, e-documents, education, science and innovation, e-learning materials, contests, olympiads, sports, distance learning, e-library, announcements, news. In addition, as a result of the widespread introduction of digital technologies, high-speed Internet, remote lessons and video conferencing are held among the higher educational institutions of the country, including with prestigious foreign universities, scientific and educational centers with which cooperation is carried out.

In order to implement the Decree of the President of Turkmenistan "On the creation and commissioning of the electronic document management system and Internet sites in Turkmenistan", the Institute established an electronic document management system, as well as created and activated an Internet site of the institute.

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