A solemn ceremony dedicated to the 140th anniversary of the foundation of Ashgabat city was held in honor of the Constitution Day of Turkmenistan and the State Flag Day of Turkmenistan

On May 15, 2021, celebrating the 140th anniversary of the foundation of the Ashgabat city in the year of so-called “Turkmenistan-Motherland of peace and trust” Turkmen state Architecture and construction institute together with the National Red Crescent society and with the participation of “Oguzlar” band and “Bagtyýarlyk binasy” dance group of the Architecture and construction institute have organized solemn ceremony in an orderly manner dedicated to the Constitution Day and Turkmen State Flag Day of Turkmenistan. In the ceremony which was held in order to develop the feeling of proudness to our green Flag and indestructible law among the youth the songs with the velvet voices of singers and dances in our national spirit were performed by the “Oguzlar” band and “Bagtyýarlyk binasy” dance group of Architecture and construction institute .It is very pleasant to praise contemporarily the national proud of our people our Flag on the upcoming celebration of the 30th anniversary of our Independence and 140th anniversary of the foundation of our city Ashgabat. Of course, the thought that Constitution Day and the State Flag Day of Turkmenistan gets the hearts of our Turkmen people winged makes our minds get filled with pride.


Of course Flag was considered the symbol of high spirit, and presentment of nation’s expectations and hopes in all periods and in all folks. One can come across with information about flag in the literary sources. Flag was considered as the symbol of indestructibility of nation’s spirit. Our friendly people solemnly celebrate the Constitution Day and the State Flag Day of Turkmenistan. On the base of our law our ancestors’ achievements, the protection of human rights, keeping of our Motherland’s peace and nation’s unity are the warranties of our state’s development. Our Arkadag President expresses: “Relying on our society’s and state’s route foundations and mighty creative opportunities we could achieve our goals beginning from the first days of our Independency” notes our Esteemed President.

During the ceremony the pride of hearts, the poems and lyrics describing our green Flag fluttering in the sky were narrated during the broadcast. In the speeches it was said that in the so-called year “Turkmenistan- the Motherland of Peace and Trust” the national Flag of our Independent Permanently Neutral Turkmenistan was hoisted around the world as the Banner of the Fate of our people and expressing words of pride on the occasion of the main holiday of our people the Glorious 30th anniversary of Turkmenistan’s Independence, the words of gratitude were expressed to our national leader, who gave our people a prosperous tomorrow and a bright future.

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