Institute structure

Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering
  • Department of industrial and civil engineering
  • Department of architecture
  • Department of water, gas and heat supply
  • Department of drawing and resistance of materials
Faculty of Chemical Technology
  • Department of industrial ecology
  • Department of chemical technology of inorganic substances
  • Department of general chemistry
  • Department of physical education
  • Department of Languages
Faculty of Engineering and Mechanical
  • Department of technological machinery and equipment
  • Department of power Supply and Electromechanics
  • Department of electrical engineering
  • Department of applied mechanics
  • Department of physics
  • Department of metalworking technology
Faculty of Computer Technology and Automation
  • Department of Informatics and Information Technology
  • Department of computer technology and systems
  • Department of microelectronics and measurement technology
  • Department of automation of production
Faculty of Economics and Management
  • Department of economics and enterprise management
  • Department of higher mathematics
  • Department of social sciences
  • Department of real estate management
Faculty of Road Construction
  • Department of building materials
  • Department of geodesy
  • Department of road construction
Faculty of Professional Development

  • Architecture
  • Urban construction and planning of settlements
  • Design of architectural environment
Engineering and construction technology
  • Industrial and civil engineering
  • Heat, gas supply and ventilation
  • Water supply, water sewerage and protection of water resources
  • Construction of highways and runways
  • Manufacture of building materials, products and constructions
  • Bridges and transport tunnels
  • Urban construction
  • Applied geodesy
  • Real estate expertise and management
Computer Science and Computer Engineering
  • Automated data processing and management systems
  • Information technology software
  • Information-measuring equipment and technologies
Electronics, radio engineering and communication systems
  • Industrial electronics
  • Microelectronics and semiconductor devices
Electric and heat power engineering
  • Power supply
  • Electric drive and automation of industrial plants and technological complexes
  • Automation of technological processes and productions
  • Lifting, hauling, construction, road vehicles and equipment
  • Machines and apparatuses of chemical production and building materials enterprises
Chemical technology
  • Chemical technology of inorganic substances
  • Chemical technology of refractory non-metallic and silicate materials
  • Chemical technology of glass and sitalls
Material Technology
  • Pressure processing of metals
Economics and Management
  • Economics and management
  • Enterprise economics and management
  • Logistics

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