Scientific research activity

The reform of the education system and domestic science, proclaimed by the respected President of Turkmenistan, continues to remain among the most significant priorities of state policy. This initiative of the head of the Turkmen state received great understanding and support from the world community. The largest universities and research centers of the world are willing to expand cooperation with educational institutions and research institutes of Turkmenistan in the educational and scientific fields.

Based on the Agreements of Cooperation and Memoranda of Understanding in the field of education and science between the Turkmen State Architecture and Construction Institute (TSACI) and leading higher education institutions of India, Germany, Romania, Italy, Russia, Belarus and the European Union's Program ERASMUS + joint relevant activities are held.

TSACI is a modern research and innovation center that provides scientific support and competitive development of the architectural, construction, building and communal, chemical, energy, industrial and road transport industries of Turkmenistan.

TSACI carries out fundamental, applied scientific research in accordance with the “Priority Areas of Science and Technology in Turkmenistan”, approved by the Decree of the President of Turkmenistan No. 14488 of November 13, 2015 for ministries, departments and enterprises of Turkmenistan.

In recent years, the use of innovative technologies in research activities has become relevant at the institute.

In order to ensure coordination of scientific activity with the educational process, to strengthen its influence on the quality of training of specialists, the institute conducts research work in the following areas:

  • - “Nanotechnology, chemical technology, the study of new materials and energy;
  • - "Biotechnology, molecular biology, agriculture, ecology and genetics";
  • - "Information and communication systems, computer technology."

Scientific directions of the institute:

  • - development and implementation of architectural and design projects for residential, industrial, public and other buildings of Turkmenistan;
  • - development of innovative technologies for the production of industrial building materials based on local raw materials and the introduction of industrial enterprises in the construction and industrial complex of Turkmenistan;
  • - development of innovative technologies for obtaining energy from alternative sources and its rational use;
  • - the creation of prototypes of paving slabs and tiles using plastic waste and Karakum sand;
  • - development of electronic devices for measuring at a distance high voltages and electric current and a frequency method for monitoring engineering structures;
  • - development of a method for increasing the service life of heat exchange equipment in heating plants;
  • - ecology of natural resources and the study of anthropogenic impact on the environment;
  • - studies of the optical and photoelectric properties of porous silicon compounds A3B5 and A2B6;
  • - technology for producing coagulants for water purification, shoe creams and strontium compounds based on local raw materials;
  • - development and implementation of 3D, AutoCAD programs in the educational process, development of national software for the digital education system;
  • - improvement of metal processing on modern machines controlled by computer programs;
  • - development of innovative methods of teaching foreign languages for technical higher education institution.

The results of the scientific work of TSACI are presented to manufacturing enterprises of the Construction and Industrial Complex of Turkmenistan and other organizations of industry management.

Scientific activities

The Institute annually holds scientific and practical conferences in honor of the holidays of Turkmenistan, which allow scientists of TGACI to invite scientific and pedagogical workers and students of other universities and jointly discuss current problems of the present, as well as the introduction of innovative developments in the country's economy.

Scientists and students of the institute actively participate in international conferences and exhibitions and present their developments:

  • - International conference “Science, technology and innovative technologies in the era of power and happiness”;
  • - International exhibition "White City Ashgabat";
  • - International exhibition "Turkmen Construction - 2020" and the conference "Development of the construction, energy sector and public utilities services of Turkmenistan";
  • - International exhibition and scientific conference "Health, Education and Sports in the era of power and happiness";
  • - International exhibition "Innovative Development of Industrial Industries of Turkmenistan", dedicated to the Day of Workers of Industry of Turkmenistan ";
  • - International book fair and scientific conference of printed materials “Book - the path to cooperation and development”.

Council of Young Scientists

The Council of Young Scientists of the Turkmen State Architecture and Construction Institute is a scientific public structure, a voluntary self-governing association of young scientists involved in research, design, inventive, innovative, patent and other creative activities. The Council of Young Scientists includes student circles for scientific research and architecture-design projection.

Student circles on scientific-research and architecture-design projection

Currently, one of the priorities of the state policy of the President of Turkmenistan is the active involvement of students in scientific research activities in order to develop the knowledge, skills and creativity of specialists for the continuous development of innovative technologies and achieve high economic indicators.

In order to solve this problem, the Turkmen State Architecture and Construction Institute created scientific and design circles to actively attract students to scientific-research works and architecture-design projection.

Scientific-research works and architecture-design projection create the willingness of future specialists to creatively implement the knowledge and skills acquired at the institute, help to master the basics of the methodology of scientific activity and obtain research experience.

Attracting students to scientific-research works and architecture-design projection allows to use their potential to solve relevant problems in various fields of science and technology.

Any student of the institute has the opportunity to become a member of the scientific and design circle, choose a topic in accordance with their interests and, under the guidance of a teacher of the department, complete it. Teachers encourage students to participate in scientific research and design work, inform about the capabilities of the scientific base of the department, developed scientific topics and projects, provide the work of the circle member with everything necessary.

Currently, the following scientific and design study groups of students operate at the institute: “Architecture”, “Structural Design”, “Thrift”, “Descriptive Geometry and Engineering Graphics”, “Mechanical Engineer”, “Young Metallurgist”, “Mechanic”, “Young physicist ”, “Young power engineer ”, “Surveyor”, “Road builder”, “Builder”, “Automation and programming”, “World of electronics”, “Qualified specialist”, “Exciting computer science”, “Young chemist”, “Language-spiritual treasure”, “Young ecologist”, “Young technologist”, “Engineer-economist”, “Engineer-strategist”, “Higher mathematics” and “Patriotic generation”.

Scientific and design study groups of students carry out their activities in accordance with the scientific areas of the institute and prepare proposals for their implementation in production for manufacturing enterprises of the Construction and Industrial Complex of Turkmenistan and other organizations of industries management.

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