The day of “OPEN DOORS” was held on May 5 and 12, 2021, for young people who are interested in our institute in the 2021/2022 academic year

On the occasion of the day of “Open Doors", the youth was acquainted with the policy of our honorable President on the development of the science and education system of the country, the achievements in the institute, the organization of lessons, the specialties, the training directions, modern technologies and the Internet that are introduced in the modern educational classrooms, music and dance group performances, work of the sports complex, students’ living conditions, research and design works carried out by talented student youth under the guidance of skilled professors and teachers.

Today, there are 7 faculties and 26 departments at the Turkmen State Architecture and Construction institute and students get knowledge in 9 disciplines and 29 specialties.

The Concepts of development of Digital Educational System, Digital Economy, and Foreign Language Teaching, State and National Programs and other relevant documents are regularly introduced by our institute into the educational process.


It was also widely noted that the institute is working and exchanging experiences in cooperation with state and foreign research institutions, universities and other educational and scientific centers on the basis of our national experience.

The young people who attended the day of “Open Doors” and their parents expressed their sincere gratitude to our Esteemed President for the fundamental reforms in the field of science and education.

We wish our Esteemed President long life, sound health and success in His works devoted to the benefit of the nation and humanity!

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