Personnel and special department

Personnel and special department is an independent structural unit of the Institute. The department is created and liquidated by order of the rector of the Institute by decision of the Academic Council. The department reports directly to the rector of the institute.

The department is headed by the head of the department, appointed and dismissed by order of the rector of the institute.

The purpose of the personnel department is to provide the institute with human resources, staffing the required professions and qualifications in accordance with the tasks and activities of the institute, developing a personnel policy, observing the rights, benefits and guarantees of employees in the field of labor law, as well as conducting personnel records management in accordance with the law Turkmenistan.

Main directions of work of Personnel and special department The head of the personnel and special department carries out general management of the Human Resources Department, conducts the selection and placement of personnel in the management, prepares regulatory legal documents, work plans and other documents related to personnel activities, and organizes their implementation.

Activity directions:

  • - selection, design, placement and training of personnel;
  • - the study of the business and moral qualities of workers in the process of their practical activities;
  • - creating a reserve for promotion to leadership positions;
  • - personnel accounting for the developed program, with their introduction into the computer;
  • - provision of personnel and employee guarantees in accordance with labor legislation;
  • - preparation of reports and their presentation in the court;
  • - creating a good microclimate in the team;
  • - development of plans for the main activities for working with personnel;
  • - preparation of various regulatory legal documents providing personnel activities.

The main functions of the personnel and special department:

  • - provision of personnel;
  • - training, retraining and advanced training of personnel;
  • - registration of labor relations;
  • - organization of remuneration;
  • - identification of social tension in the team and its removal;
  • - development of relations with bodies of workers' self-government;
  • - coordination of work on stabilization of working conditions and observance of safety rules;
  • - providing each department of the institute with highly qualified personnel.

The main functions of the personnel and special department by the nature of the work performed:

  • - the function of office work (preparation of orders on personnel, maintaining personnel records and other functions);
  • - administrative activities (adoption of the main legislative provisions in the field of organization and remuneration, conclusion of collective agreements);
  • - employment (employment, familiarization with the workplace, transfer);
  • - personnel development functions (training, staff assessment, career management of employees).

Contact Information:

  • Address: 744025, Ashgabat, st. Baba Annanov, building 136 “B”, floor 3, cab. Personnel and special department.
    Phone: (+99312) 28-18-08
    Fax: (+99312) 28-18-01

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