Training Department

The main activities of the Training Department

The training department of the Turkmen State Architecture and Construction Institute (TSACI) (created with the aim of organizing an ongoing educational process and providing conditions for its improvement. The training department is the center for organizing the educational process with the aim of creating optimal conditions for teaching, training specialists and retraining.

Tasks of the department:

  • - development of conceptual issues of organization and planning of the educational process in accordance with state educational standards and taking into account the activities of the institute;
  • - development of normative documents, preparation of orders and instructions for planning, organizing and monitoring the educational process at the institute;
  • - collection and analysis of the results of the educational activities of the institute;
  • - organization of meetings and seminars on the organization of the educational process;
  • - coordination of the work of faculties, departments and other structural units in scheduling the educational process.

Powers and functions of the department:

  • - draws up an annual schedule of the educational process in accordance with state educational standards and taking into account the conditions of activity of the TSACI;
  • - draw up timetables for classes, exams and other events of the educational process, according to the schedule of the educational process and semester plans, with the exception of those departments in which this task is assigned to the corresponding deans;
  • - promptly responds to changes in the conditions for the implementation of the educational process;
  • - monitors compliance with the class schedule and the discipline of the educational process;
  • - prepares and documents the work of the State Certification Commission, monitors the preparation of documentation for the final certification of students and reporting;
  • - controls the correctness of the calculation of the volume of the training load in the departments;
  • - keeps records of classrooms, participates in checking their readiness to conduct classes;
  • - ugtaşdyryjy mugallymlaryň işe kabul edilmegini we olaryň zähmet haklarynyň tölenmegini üpjün edýär;
  • - recruits hourly teachers and provides compensation for their labor;
  • - uses computer tools for operational management of the educational process;
  • - plans and maintains documentation for advanced training of teaching staff;
  • - controls the timely implementation of orders of the Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan, the rector and the instructions of the vice-rector on educational issues.

Contact Information:

  • Address: 744025, Ashgabat, st. Baba Annanov , building 136 “B”, floor 3, cab. Educational department.
    Phone: (+99312) 28-15-05
    Fax: (+99312) 28-18-01

Contact Information