Department of Science

The main activities of the Department of Science:

  • - effective use of the scientific potential of the Turkmen State Architecture and Construction Institute (TSACI) for carrying out research and scientific and innovative work within the main scientific directions of TSACI approved by the Scientific Council of TSACI;
  • - scientific and research work of TSACI staff and students, as well as training of teaching staff in accordance with the priority directions of development of science and technologies in Turkmenistan, approved by the Decree of the President of Turkmenistan;
  • - development of scientific and scientific and technical cooperation with higher educational institutions, scientific, design and construction organizations, enterprises, foreign partners in order to strengthen the integration processes of education, science and industry, increase the efficiency of educational and scientific activities;
  • - increasing the active participation of TSACI in the development and implementation of the scientific and technical and innovative policy of Turkmenistan in solving scientific, scientific and technical and applied tasks;
  • - creation of conditions for the protection of intellectual property and copyrights of researchers and developers as a way to bring the scientific teams of TSACI to the world market of high-tech products;
  • - support and development of student science, use of the results of scientific activity and the scientific and technical base of TSACI in the educational process.

Contact Information:

  • Address: 744025, Ashgabat, st. Baba Annanov, building 136 ”B”, floor 3, cab. Department of Science
    Phone: (+99312) 28-18-07
    Fax: (+99312) 28-18-01

Contact Information