The students of the institute won the scientific competition among the youth of Turkmenistan

During the Revival of the New Age of the Sovereign State, awarding ceremony of winners of the scientific competition among youth named “Epoch of nation with Arkadag” was held at the Oguz Khan Engineering-technological university on June 12, 2022, dedicated to the Day of Science. This annual competition, jointly organized by the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan and the Central Council of the Youth Organization named after Magtymguly, is attended by research institutes, sectoral agencies, teachers and students of universities, schoolchildren and young people from all professions. Dozens of talented young teachers and students from the Turkmen state architecture and construction institute took part in the competition in related fields. Among them are the 5th year student of the faculty of Computer Technology and Automation, a member of the coterie “Automation and Programming” of the institute and the student of the speciality "Automated Data Processing and Management", Shikhi Shikhiyev took the II place and the 2nd year student of the faculty of Economics and management, a member of the coterie "Young expert" and the student of the speciality “Logistics” Serdar Alimov took the 3rd place and were awarded the with the valuable presents by our Esteemed President. Science and education are the foundation, the essential condition for the development of any state and society. The annual competition, which aims to introduce the scientific views and ideas of young people in our country, information and technological inventions, scientific projects, inspires the members of the young scientific community to new achievements. Competition among young people also plays an important role in the emergence of young people who are embracing new innovative technologies and in the further development of the path of mentoring and discipleship in science in the prosperous period of our national economy. Charyyar Shukurov, a senior teacher of the Department of Computer Technology and Systems was the supervisor of Shyhy Shyhyyev and, a senior teacher of the Department of Computer Technology and Systems, and Keyik Kervenowa a senior teacher of the Department of Real Estate Management was the supervisor of Serdar Alimov. At present, the necessary conditions are created in our country for conducting fundamental research, expanding the scope of youth development. The material and technical base of universities and research institutes is constantly being strengthened. These conditions, in turn, inspire Turkmen youth to new discoveries in the field of science and increase their enthusiasm for scientific work. It should also be noted that the number of participants in this prestigious scientific competition, which is being held as a result of the constant attention of Estemeed President to attracting young people to promising scientific research in promising fields, is growing year by year. At the end of the ceremony, the participants expressed their sincere gratitude to our Estemeed President and gave him the Address.

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