Glory of the Turkmen horse at the Top

The National Day of the Turkmen Horse is celebrated at a high level in Turkmenistan, various horse games are held, in various areas of fine art, in the work of cultural and art workers, in music and poetry, the Turkmen horse is glorified. On April 18, 2022, in the Architecture and Construction Faculty hosted the exhibition “Glory of the Turkmen Horse at the Top” with the participation of teachers of the Architecture Department and students of the Turkmen state of Architecture and Construction institute and pupils of the 77th and 116th specialized secondary schools in Ashgabat. The exhibition was held on May 18-23. At the exhibition that is dedicated to the national holiday, the Turkmen horse is glorified in different variations.

The love of the Turkmen people for the Akhal-Teke horse is evident to this day. The support of talented and capable youth is especially important to spread the glory of the Turkmen horse and its world popularity.

The national glory of the horse lives and continues in the destinies of generations. Heavenly horses are descended to us from heaven. The horses descended from heaven are the personification of our happy time.

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