The contest “Talyp Gozeli – 2022” took place at the Turkmen State Architecture and Construction institute

On February 25, 2022, the female students of the Prosperous epoch of powerful state expressed their professionalism, ingenuity, enthusiasm, pride, image and manners, knowledge of national traditions, preparation, life, culture of our people. The contest "Student Beauty - 2022" was held organized by the Central Council of Mahtumkuli Youth Organization, the Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan and the Central Council of the Union of Women of Turkmenistan was held at the Turkmen State Architecture and Construction institute. Every ambitious initiative of our Hero Arkadag has high goals for the benefit of our people, the younger generation, the peaceful and prosperous life of all Turkmens. Esteemed President said "Patriotism, loyalty to the family, wisdom, health, the handicrafts are the national traits that have carried the name and dignity of our mothers and daughters-in-law for millennia". Nowadays, these noble qualities of Turkmen brides are becoming a wonderful example of moral beauty and are fluttering like a flag.” Expressing great confidence in the youth, President puts important tasks before every citizen of our country and urges them to exalt our Motherland. This great faith is inextricably linked to the proper observance of our traditions and the development of generation.

The competition was held between the six faculties, in three stages. The students who participated in the competition showed their abilities, preparedness and beauty. At the end of the competition, the judges were judged fairly. In the competitive competition, the great prize was won by a student of the Faculty of Chemical Technology, the 1st place was won by the Faculty of Computer Technology and Automation, the 2nd place was won by the Faculty of Architecture and Construction and Road Construction, the 3rd place was taken by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and the Faculty of Economics and Management. The winners were awarded letters of commendation from the Turkmen State Architecture and Construction institute, bouquets of flowers and valuable gifts prepared by the Central Council of the Youth Organization of Turkmenistan named after Mahtumkuli. During the competition, the Oguzlar music group of our institute performed a number of songs praising the policy of our President and the beauty of our women. At the end of the ceremony, the participants thanked our Hero Arkadag for all the opportunities to live in a happy life, to study. They wished health, long our hero Arkadag.

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