The competition was organized among student girls

On February 1, 2022, in the conference hall of the Turkmen State Architecture and Construction Institute was organized a competition for the performance of national handicrafts among the student girls. In the epoch of powerful state in every initiative of our Hero Arkadag the main goals are to live a peaceful, prosperous life, especially for our people and younger generations. Our esteemed President said that “Patriotism, loyalty to the family, wisdom, modesty, handicrafts are national traits of our mothers and women who have been carrying the name and dignity for thousand years. Today, these noble qualities of our Turkmen brides have become an excellent example of moral beauty, fluttering as high as a flag. " Several student girls from each faculty participated and at the same time performed their handicrafts skillfully and easily in front of the audience. As a result of the competition, the best students of our institute won prizes prepared by the Women's Organization of the Institute, demonstrating their skills, ingenuity and quickness. At the end of the competition, the students expressed their gratitude to our parents for their work in spreading the national handicrafts that we have come to the world today. The beauty and morals women are appreciated and honored by the President of Turkmenistan. The participants of the competition wished our esteemed President a prosperous, upright and prosperous work for the benefit of the nation.

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