Creative competition among student youth

Based on the tasks arising from the “Law on State Policy on Youth in Turkmenistan”, on February 1, 2022, the creative competition among young people was held in the conference hall of the Turkmen State Architecture and Construction Institute. At the competition, young people showed the knowledge in science, education, culture, art and also demonstrated their ability to memorize and expressively read proverbs and sayings from the book of the President of Turkmenistan "Paýhas çesmesi". The inter-faculty creative competition among students of the Turkmen State Architecture and Construction Institute on memorization of proverbs and quote from the book which was created from the precious wisdom of our Hero Arkadag, The main goal of this creative competition is to read the proverbs stories, poems, proses, paternal advices from the implementation of their advice, as well as from educating the younger generation on the basis of our national values, from discovering the youth's passion for vocabulary and language richness, from expressing their energy and ability, as well as from their love for creativity. In proverbs and quotes, love to the people and the motherland is widely expressed. Among them are “East or West home is best”, “There is no place like home”, “Home is where the hard is”, "A man’s home is his castle". They artfully portray the Motherland as an inseparable satellite, the ultimate sanctity for every human being. The creative competition was held on 2 conditions: for the best knowledge of proverbs and sayings from the book "Paýhas çesmesi" and for the best musical and artistic composition based on the book "Paýhas çesmesi" of our National Leader. The contestants completed in expressive reading and artistic skills. The competition was very interesting and impressive. According to the results of the competition, the places were distributed as follows: a team of students from the Faculty of Computer Technology and Automation of the Turkmen State Architecture and Construction Institute took the third place, the team of the students from the Faculty of Road Construction - the second place, the students of the Faculty of Chemical Technology took the first place. The winners of the competition were awarded with valuable gifts from the Central Council of the Youth Organization of Turkmenistan named after Magtymguly. At the end of the creative competition, the participants expressed their gratitude to the Hero Arkadag for the great opportunities to study and create for the benefit of the Motherland.

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