Educational activities were organized among the students

On January 26, 2022 in the conference hall of the Turkmen State Architecture and Construction institute in order to protect, prevent violations, crime, and widely disseminate the principles of Turkmen statehood and national traditions, the propaganda campaign will be held in accordance with the "Educational and Promoting Activities" among the student youth of our country.

Participants in the campaign called for strengthening education among young people, ensuring that they are free from disabilities, increasing their legal knowledge, explaining the harmful effects of harmful habits on human health, protecting the rights and interests of young people. He said that in order to widely promote the principles of Turkmen statehood and national traditions, educational activities is being carried out among the students of our country. In particular, the student youth spoke about the conveniences of traffic in the country, the rules, regulations and regulations of the road in our country through the efforts of the President. They also noted that students should follow the rules of the road completely and correctly, and that they should not drive cars during their studies. They stressed the need for full and proper conductivity in public places. Representatives of law enforcement agencies, social organizers and educators said that our youth should stay away from bad habits and that these bad habits are strongly condemned by the community. In accordance with the Code of Administrative Offenses of Turkmenistan and the Criminal Code of Turkmenistan in connection with public order, they focused on specific articles. They also noted the regulatory and legal framework adopted for the years, and their importance in maintaining public order. As part of their speeches, they advised the students to engage in sports and physical education and also instructed the students to follow personal hygiene and hygiene rules.

The participants of the conference expressed their gratitude to the President of Turkmenistan, noting that efforts are being made in our country to build a healthy society through the efforts of our Hero Arkadag.

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