Student Sports Club

The Student Sports Club (SSC) organizes its activities in accordance with the Statutes of the Turkmen State Architecture and Construction Institute and on the basis of the Regulations.

The SSC is working to ensure the realization of the state policy of the President of Turkmenistan in the field of sports.

The main activities of the student sports club:

  • - to coordinate with trade unions and other public organizations the organization of physical and sports activities, cultural and public events;
  • - control of safety of sports equipment in training rooms and playgrounds;
  • - organization of mass cultural and sports and cultural events dedicated to the significant dates during the year;
  • - preparation of proposals to the rector to encourage high achievements in competitions between the training teams of teachers and universities of Turkmenistan;
  • - widespread dissemination of the importance of physical education and sports through the media;
  • - preparation of the minutes of the Spartakiad and other competitions held at the institute;
  • - organization of medical monitoring to check the dynamic development of skilled athletes.

Principles of student sports club:

Based on the instructions and decisions of the Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan, the Ministry of Sports and Youth Policy of Turkmenistan:

  • - participation in sports competitions among students and teachers of higher educational institutions of Turkmenistan under the motto: "Turkmenistan is a country of inspiration and health";
  • - preparation of students for participation in the sports championships of Turkmenistan;
  • - to prepare students for participation in World and Asian Championships, Olympic Games;
  • - to develop a work plan for the academic year on mass physical culture and sports activities of institute.

Contact Information:

  • Address: 744025, Ashgabat, st. Baba Annanov, 136, Physical Culture and Health-improvement Complex.
    Phone: (+ 99312) 28-18-46
    Fax: (+99312) 28-18-01

Contact Information