Training and production workshop

Training and Production Workshop is a structural subdivision of the institute, equipped with various specialized machines and equipment and contributes to the consolidation of students' theoretical knowledge in practice.

Main activities:

  • - organization of educational work in the workshop;
  • - complete and correct observance of the rules of labor protection, technical safety, industrial hygiene, fire safety in the workshop;
  • - organization of methodical trainings with teachers and students of the corresponding departments;
  • - work on creation of educational and demonstration manuals;
  • - maintenance of machines and equipment;
  • - provision of workshop equipment for preventive maintenance;
  • - accounting of equipment and machines in the workshop;
  • - preventive work on corrosion protection of machines and equipment.

Contact Information:

  • Address: 744025, Ashgabat, st. Baba Annanov, 136, Training and Production Workshop
    Phone: (+ 99312) 28-18-23
    Fax: (+99312) 28-18-01

Contact Information