Construction Training Center

Educational Construction Center (ECC) was created on the basis of the instrumental base of the architectural and construction and road construction departments of the institute and is a research base for students and scientists of these faculties.

The main objective of the Construction Training Center (ECC) is to conduct practical, laboratory and research work in the field of building buildings and structures, road construction based on the curriculum, progressive scientific developments, methods and engineering solutions involving students from Turkmen State of Architecture and Construction Institute (TSACI).

The main objective of the ECC is to increase the effectiveness of the educational, scientific and industrial activities of TSACI and to improve the laboratory test base of the ECC.

For carrying out practical, laboratory studies and research work, the ECC is provided with all the necessary tools and devices.

Practical classes are held in the ECC stone work. In the beginning, the dressing system is studied on models of bricks, then the acquired knowledge is fixed, worked out on real masonry. The real masonry lead on clay mortar. img


  • - quality control of building materials;
  • - testing of building materials, products and structures (concrete, brick, stone, metal, etc.);
  • - study of the state of reinforcement in concrete, development of methods to increase its corrosion resistance;
  • - assessment of the quality of sand and gravel;
  • - development of new technologies for the production of concrete and reinforced concrete products;
  • - inspection and monitoring of buildings and structures;
  • - concrete strength test, soil testing, test of brick, blocks and stone;
  • - study of heavy and light concrete;
  • - aggregates for concrete;
  • - mortar, dry mortar;
  • - bitumen and materials based on it: asphalt concrete, roofing and waterproofing materials;
  • - thermal insulation materials;
  • - wall materials; bricks and stones, ceramic, silicate;
  • - polymeric materials;
  • - treatment and quality control of natural and waste water;
  • - development of recommendations for the production and improvement of the quality of building materials.


The main functions of the ECC:

  • - study and testing of building materials and products during laboratory and practical exercises according to the curriculum;
  • - selection of mixtures for building construction;
  • - brickwork;
  • - installation of plastic windows and doors;
  • - knitting reinforcing cage for the foundation;
  • - testing of materials and selection of mixtures in the performance of scientific research by students;
  • - initial training of students in the field of mastery of engineering and design skills;
  • - the study of technologies and structures to improve the efficiency of water supply and sanitation;
  • - implementation of the results of research work of students;
  • - performance of work on technical support of the educational process of the institute's departments;
  • - institutyň ylmy innowasion toplumynyň bölümleri üçin işgärleri taýýarlamak boýunça başlangyç okuwlary geçirmek;
  • - initial training for units of the scientific and innovative complex of the institute;
  • - attracting students of the institute to innovation.

Contact Information:

  • Adress: 744025, Ashgabat, st. Baba Annanov 136, ECC building.
    Phone: (+ 99312) 28-18-38, 28-18-43, 28-18-19
    Fax: (+99312) 28-18-01

Contact Information