to scientific articles prepared for publication in journals and collection of articles

1. The author of the article should not be more than 3. The content of the article should have an independent research character and correspond to its title;

2. The size of the article should be 3,5 - 5 pages of A4 format (210x297 mm);

3. Page dimensions: top and bottom – 2,0 cm, left – 2,5 cm, right – 1,5 cm. Orientation - type "book", font - Times New Roman, size - 14 pt, line spacing - 1.

4. All materials submitted in electronic form are accepted only in Microsoft Office Word format (with *.doc and *.docx extensions);

5. Supplement the article with annotations in Russian and English;

6. The name and surname of the author should be written in bold type 14, aligned to the left of the line (For example: Nurmyrat Ataev), the institute, position should be indicated in italics (see sample);

7. The title of the article - is written with a capital letter in the center of the line and is written in bold in the usual 16-letter font;

8. Articles and annotations are aligned to the width of the line, pages are not marked up. Mathematical formulas must be written using appropriate formula editors;

9. References to literary sources with numbers in square brackets are marked: [1], [2], [3-5] and so on. The list of references is in the work in the order in which it should be placed at the end of the brief description of the article, before which the heading LITERATURE should be written;

10. Articles that do not meet the stated requirements and conditions are not accepted.

Documents required to submit an article:

1. Scientific article - 2 copies;

2. Abstracts - in English and Russian, the translation must be approved in the prescribed manner;

3. Review - 2 (internal and external);

4. Expert opinion (on the absence of confidential information);

5. Copy of the minutes of the meeting of the Academic Council;

6. Information about authors;

7. Electronic version of the article and abstracts.

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